PCAA is Committed to Your Ongoing Professional Development and Providing Excellence in Caring

Career & Workforce Strategy

Professional Care Workers are at the heart of our aged care system performing vital work for our aging community. The work is rewarding, challenging and demanding. PCAA recognises this and is your voice in career pathway and development. 


The Aged Care sector is one of the fastest growing in the Australian economy. Significant additional numbers will be needed to meet the demands of our ageing population. At PCAA we believe that the increase in demand and acuity means that the business, funding and staffing model must change in response to the challenges facing Aged Care. We support the initiatives highlighted in the recent Aged Care Workforce Taskforce Strategy.

Below are the 14 strategic actions for Australia's current and future aged care workforce as highlighted by the Strategy:

  1. Creation of a social change campaign to reframe caring and promote the workforce

  2. Voluntary industry code of conduct

  3. Reframing the qualifications and skills framework, addressing current and future competencies and skill requirements

  4. Defining new career pathways including accreditation

  5. Developing cultures of feedback and continuous improvement

  6. Establishing a new standard approach to workforce planning and skills mix modelling

  7. Implementing new attraction and retention strategies for the workforce

  8. Developing a revised workforce relations framework to better reflect the changing nature of the work

  9. Strengthening the interface between aged care and primary/acute care

  10. Improved training and recruitment practices for the Australian Government aged care workforce

  11. Establishing a remote accord

  12. Establishing an Aged Care Centre for Growth and Translational Research

  13. Current and future funding considerations, including staff remuneration

  14. Transitioning the existing workforce to new standards


With these developments and growth comes an array of opportunities and the PCAA will be there to support you in your career, including offering continuing professional education so you can quickly adapt in this changing environment. We will be there to assist you to take your career exactly where you want it to go.  


Better Care Starts With You