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PCAA definition of Professional Carer

PCAA believes that the word "worker" (as in "personal care worker") unintentionally gives the impression that our work is unskilled, which we all agree is not the case. PCAA is therefore replacing the title personal care worker with "Professional Carer". Care working is an occupation and a speciality, so at PCAA all our accredited members will be referred to as Professional Carers. In time, we would like to see this title adopted across the care sector.

Professional Carer Roles

Under the title Professional Carer, PCAA has defined 5 clear accredited tiers, that reflect a person’s experience, vocational qualifications and current job title:



Trainee / Assistant Professional Carer


Professional Carer


Senior Professional Carer


Team Leader



Professional carer with less than one years experience

Professional carer with more than one years experience who is fully qualified or working towards a qualification.

Professional carers on this level are qualified and have more advanced responsibilities and will have achieved additional competency to carry out their role.

Members on this level will have supervisory responsibilities in addition to their primary role.

Management level

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