The National Association for Professional Carers

PCAA Code of Conduct

PCAA members are required to abide by the professional standards set by the PCAA. Compliance with the Code of Conduct ensures that proper standards are maintained within the profession and provides members of the public with confidence that PCAA members are delivering the appropriate standards of care

The PCAA recognises that the public demands high standards from those providing care to the elderly. Presently for carers commencing work, unlike the registered health professions where nationally uniform minimum qualifications and probity checking requirements apply before entry to practice, there are no enforceable requirements or standards governing their work. 


Similarly, at present there is no nationally uniform or consistent mechanism for prohibiting or limiting practice when a carer's impairment, incompetence or professional misconduct presents a serious risk to the public.


The PCAA works to address these gaps. Having regard to a Professional Carers scope of practice, the PCAA has developed for its members a mandatory Code of Professional Conduct for Professional Carers registered with the PCAA.  This is to assist and support Professional Carers to deliver appropriate and effective care services within an ethical framework.


Members of the PCAA become Professional Carers and have a responsibility to be familiar and adhere with this Code of Conduct.


The requirements of this Code of Conduct express the minimum enforceable values and responsibilities that are integral to, and characterise, the work of Professional Carers. The Code of Conduct is intended to assist all Professional Carers, collectively and individually, to act in ethically accountable ways in the pursuit of the PCAA’s aims.


One of the key purposes of this Code of Conduct is to hold Professional Carers accountable for their ethical practice and conduct and act as a basis for investigation and adjudication of formal complaints from the public and other Professional Carers about alleged conduct.


Professional Carers are also required to adhere to the legal requirements imposed by operation of law. Nationally all complaints or concerns about aged care services can also be directed to the  Aged Care Complaints Commissioner

The following link provides you with all state or territory health complaint organisations:

PCAA subscribes to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) National Code of Conduct for health care workers.

PCAA requires each Professional Carers to declare that they understand and will comply with the Code of Professional Conduct and Code of Ethical Practice at the time of registration and renewal. Our members agree to comply with these documents to facilitate compliance with the COAG National Code of Conduct and PCAA requirements.

PCAA also requires its members to read and understand The Charter of Aged Care Rights attached below..